This is what you get

  • Functional programming, cloud hosting. We want to be as fast as possible, at the same time delivering the highest quality!
  • End-to-end system ownership by the developers. No Product Managers, Business Analysts, Test Engineers, System Administrators.
  • A company built from scratch for SW-development.
  • Equipment of your choice. Buy what you work best on.
  • Salary: 90 000 EUR per year

This is for you if…

  • You'd like to develop with technologies allowing you to deliver a product end-to-end, with no dependencies on other teams (maybe you want to prepare for your own startup?).
  • You enjoy working on coding but also on DevOps and Infrastructure Automation or Monitoring topics.
  • You are easily excited by technologies in general and functional programming/cloud hosting/NoSQL databases in particular.
  • You'd like to work with top-notch people that help each other out.

This is not for you if…

  • You are used to someone else fixing your stuff. Not going to happen here. Your code your call. You build it, care for it and fix it. There is no sysadmin, test engineer, or business analyst to delegate work to.
  • You are an "enterprise developer" used to enterprise-grade processes, heavy project management, slow migration to the latest versions of technologies, or new technologies.
  • You are afraid of refactoring, changing technology if some do not fit. We do this every day.
  • You greatly dislike Microsoft and anything related to Microsoft. We use Microsoft technologies and develop/host on Linux and take any technologies that work for us.
  • You don't like the idea of working for the real-money gaming industry (gambling). We respect that. You will find a great job elsewhere.

You will be a good fit if…

  • You have rock-solid development skills (min. 5 years under your belt). This is not for amateurs.
  • You want to code (no management career to be made here).
  • You like functional programming (we use F#), cloud hosting (we use currently Azure), NoSql but also SQL databases.
  • You learn all the time, every day, every hour.
  • You regard every working day as a day full of exciting technical challenges and solutions.

Sounds like a place for you?

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