Real-life performance comparison of MongoDB Atlas on Azure vs GCP

tldr; MongoDB Atlas M20-M40 on Azure and GCP perform pretty similar, with Azure seemingly a bit faster (surprise!) and GCP seemingly a bit more stable (less outliers).

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MongoDB Atlas & Azure - a forced marriage?

tldr; MongoDB Atlas on Azure (smaller instances with smaller storage) works but comes with a number of pitfalls you should be aware of. You'd save a lot of headaches hosting MongoDB Atlas on AWS/GCP instead.

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F# App Stub for AKS hosting (with WebJobs but without Azure Functions fluff)

tldr; Use a standard .NET 5 host which gives you full control (incl. upgradability!) and still allows for WebJobs sugar, instead of the fluffy and "magical" Azure Functions host.

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BDD-style Testing in F# with Xunit.Gherkin, GherkinProvider and TickSpec

tldr; Use TickSpec in F# for BDD-style tests, and utilize the classless or module/function-based approach with a Context record type being passed between the individual step functions.

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Use Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) + Traefik instead of Azure Functions hosting + Azure API Management

tldr; You'd better use AKS (incl. Traefik or similar ingress controller) instead of Azure Functions App Service/Premium/Consumption Plans + Azure API Management for hosting your microservices.

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Current State + Last Event as an alternative to Event Sourcing

tldr; Storing the current state of an entity including a LastEvent property (indicating the last event that happened to the entity) in combination with database change stream technology can be an alternative to an event-sourced entity approach, but of course with its own pros and cons.

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Pod-to-pod network delays in AKS

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